Girl in Translation

Wow! An inspirational review!

Ms. Bogie's Book Reviews

by Jean Kwok

AR Level 5.7

I should start by saying I just read this book in about 32 hours–I couldn’t put it down! The story was so interesting and compelling, and I just really wanted to know what would happen to Kimberly. Kimberly and her mom immigrate to Brooklyn, NY from Hong Kong when Kimberly is in 5th grade. She and her mom are so poor that they live in an apartment in a condemned building–for 7 years! No one is supposed to be living there. Their apartment has no heat, and many broken panes of glass in the windows. They are freezing, and they face roaches, mice, and rats every day.

Kim’s mom works at a clothing factory in Chinatown, earning 1 or 2 cents for every skirt that she finishes. Kim also works there after school, even though sweatshops are illegal in the United States, and she…

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