Nick and Kaitie review – The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

I love your selections!

By Kids For Kids Book Review


NICK’S REVIEW:  Digory and Polly who are good friends get transported out of our planet and probably out of our galaxy to a place of many puddles called “the Wood” between the worlds.  Eventually they go to a world of good and peace but accidentally bring an evil to it that will forever change it.

This book is the starting point for it all.  When I read it I wanted to read the next one – even though it was kind of old.

KAITIE’S REVIEW – the Magicians Nephew was an entertaining book that was about a boy named Digory and a girl named Polly.  Polly finds a secret tunnel leading from her house to Digory’s house.  Together they go from Polly’s house to… the wood between the worlds.  From  there, Digory and Polly get into all sorts of adventures but their last one changes it all. …

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