Purgatory : Soldiers of Misfortune – review

purgatory_soldiersSynopsis from Amazon:
This Black Edition copy of the internet phenomenon called Purgatory Soldiers of Misfortune (Black Edition) is separate from the main release and is specially designed for the ever growing Ebook market.He may have made a few wrong decisions in his life, but the last thing veteran Harry Taylor expects after closing his eyes for the last time is to wake up in a foreign landscape filled with the horrors of his worst nightmare. A place like no other, welcome to Purgatory.Formed at the beginning of time, Purgatory is a place where all the wrongs of the physical world have gathered, a place filled with terror and controlled by an ancient and ruthless group of warriors called Leviathan.
Can Harry survive these warriors hell bent on capturing and enslaving all those before them?One thing’s for sure, if Harry is to survive, he’d better start forming alliances with the other damned souls trapped here. But can anyone be trusted in Purgatory?

About the Author:
A Sydney native, Darryl Olsen works in law enforcement in Australia. “I have always had an interest in writing, and I love reading horror novels involving the dark realms of fantasy. So I decided to bring my dark nightmares to life.” This is his first book and the first in a series.
Publisher’s website: DarrylOlsen 
My Review:

A book with amazing prose and well defined characters.

It’s a riveting tale with suspense in the line of fire and the unknown. It has tactical maneuvers even the layman can understand. There are unexpected casualties that leave you astounded. In takes you on a journey to a land where an alternate reality is unthinkable. This is only the first 9 pages of the book.

Chapter 3: With each death a person awakens in a half-familiar land that gives them the eerie feeling of someone or something watching them. The narrative thickens; a third death leaves you wondering what they all have in common. This bitter cold alternative reality is in shambles with numerous corpses stripped to the bone. The strange land has air so rank that it leaves you coughing.

Another new ‘death’ joins the crowd, a beautiful lifeless woman saved by the two heroic men. It’s like time has stood still in the year of 1962 or 1963. Are vile creatures roaming this hellhole? Yes, and they are half dog, half human species. Then the ancient soldiers arrived. What next?

With each new chapter you are left with more beckoning questions. Are they really dead or alive? Could it be that they are in Purgatory or are they in an alternative reality? The main characters know they have to venture on to the unknown. Will they get out alive or is there no escape?

This amazing read will take you on a journey of the unexpected. There is page after page of surreal yet heartfelt adventure and constant surprise. A book that I am sure will soon be on the bestsellers list!


Purgatory : Soldiers of Misfortune (Black Edition)


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