Virgil Flowers Deadline by John Sandford — Sidekick to the Novel – review

Book Description from Amazon:

Virgil Flowers Deadline by John Sandford — Sidekick to the Novel

Can’t get enough of John Sandford’s Deadline? Head back to the eccentric world of small-town Minnesota with this Sidekick to the Virgil Flowers novel.

Warning: This is an independent companion to Deadline, meant to enhance your experience of the novel. If you have not yet bought Virgil Flowers Deadline, make sure to purchase it before buying this unofficial Sidekick.

Welcome to Trippton, Minnesota, where life moves at a leisurely pace … until your dog gets stolen, someone decides to start cooking meth next door, or the school board votes on a motion to murder you.

Sandford’s beloved sleuth takes on three intertwining mysteries in Deadline, a fun and intriguing addition to the Virgil Flowers series.

My Review:

Descriptive, Insightful and Well-Articulated! The author draws you into the plot immediately.

Set in the small town of Trippton in southeast Minnesota, where life is slow until there’s murder and mayhem not approved by the school board. This is the first murder the school board had not permitted. Meet the detective Virgil whom no one trusts until proven worthy. Virgil, a regular guy, was first brought in to investigate a dognapping and progressed to bigger and crimes to uncover. And the plot thickens with each turn of the page.

The Sidekick twists and spins with vivid narration in both the characters and events. Each character is well formed and every new scene well-articulated with strong imagery and depictions.

What is more, Eagle adds believable alternate endings that give hope to a new series of books.

My only objective was the SPOILER ALERT posted on the top of each chapter. I feel the text was not necessary. It was in bold and broke the flow of reading. Aside from that, I feel the reader will be pleasantly pleased with the book.

This is a smooth read that leaves you wanting more.

Where to buy the book for $2.99:
Virgil Flowers Deadline by John Sandford — Sidekick to the Novel


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