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herbal emissariesBiography

Steven Foster is the author or co-author of eighteen books, the latest is a new THIRD EDITION of the Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs of Eastern and Central North America (with James A. Duke, photography by Steven Foster). Why a new edition? The new edition has over 700 photographs, 88% of which are new images. The book includes 60 additional species and is updated throughout with updated scientific and family names, distribution information, and flowering times. From 2000 (2nd ed) to 2013, the medicinal plant research literature has increased by five-fold compared with ALL data published prior to 2000! Jim Duke and myself scoured the literature with an eye toward scientific and ethnobotanical/historical data that reconciles tradition with science. In addition we updated safety, toxicity, and drug interaction information. In short this is a new book, that stands alone beside the two previous editions.

Editorial Review

“An authoritative guide to 44 common Chinese medicinal herbs grown in the U.S. but seldom regarded for their medicinal properties.” (Natural Health)

“. . . a detailed, readable guide to Chinese herbs, ornamental shrubs and flowering plants, and their medicinal uses.” (Booklist, ALA)

“. . . a valuable addition to plant science.” (American Herb Association)

“Since 1949, China has worked to integrate traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and modern Western medicine, so that today both systems are used, along with a blend of the two. TCM is now researched using scientific methods at institutions such as the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, where Chongxi is a pharmacognosist. He has also authored numerous works on herbal medicine. Foster has authored several herb books (and coauthored the Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants, Houghton, 1990). The authors introduce Western readers to a blend of the two systems by describing about 50 plants used in TCM that are also known to Westerners as ornamentals, weeds, or herbs (e.g., day lilies, gardenias, honeysuckle, privet, and forsythia). They cover in detail the uses, history, dosage, descriptions, cultivation, and processing of each plant. An excellent resource for alternative medicine collections.” (Library Journal (Wednesday, July 01, 1992) Katharine Galloway Garstka, Intergraph Corp., Huntsville,)

My Review

Fabulous! Foster presents a fabulous array of Chinese herbs that is easily understood. With each herb there is detailed history, taste & character, functions, uses, dose, warning, description, distribution, cultivation, harvesting, processing, additional species and other uses.
You cannot get more thorough than that! I have an older edition but looking at the new version I am thinking I must add it to my library.

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Herbal Emissaries


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