The Children’s Book, or My Descent into Insanity

A superb review!

Book Snob

There is a well known saying, meant to encourage those going through times of immense hardship and suffering. ‘What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’. This is, by and large, an accurate assessment of most of life’s trials; you come through them having learnt a little more about yourself, your capacity for endurance, and your own inner strength.

This is how I feel today. I have been lost in the wilderness, my friends. For two long, long, weeks, I have been trapped in a dark tunnel of quiet despair, otherwise known as The Children’s Book. There were moments, especially around pages 250-300, in which I feared the end would never come. But today I am walking in the light. The light of a world that no longer has The Children’s Book in it. And this world is good. So good.

Reading this book has been an experience fraught with…

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