Book Review: ‘Robin Hood’ by Carola Oman

Robin Hood review


I love Robin Hood!

This is a great review that is both informative and honest.


Thank you Gracespear’s Blog!

Gracespear's Blog

Book Review:

Robin Hood

by Carola Oman

Rating: 4/5

Published By JM Dent & Sons Ltd in 1975 (originally 1949)

ISBN 0 460 02177 X

Robin Hood is one of the most famous fictional characters in the world, with his tales dating back into the middle ages. The truth and fiction is mixed up, with theories that he was based on various real people, and tales being collected and changed across the centuries. He is an English hero, among the greats of Sherlock Holmes and King Arthur.

Carola Oman’s book is not one continuous tale, but a collection of stories about Robin Hood collected together with a loose connection. Her tale begins with Sir Richard of the Lee in debt and in danger of losing his lands, where he meets Robin Hood who helps him. Sir Richard makes several more appearances throughout the novel, playing a major part. All of…

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