Insurgent Sidekick by Katherine R. Miller – review

Insurgent Sidekick ReviewMy Review

Perceptive, Thought Provoking and Informative

The sidekick to Insurgent grabs your attention immediately with trauma and descriptive settings. Within only a page you are brought into a world of the future that captures your interest and the need to read more. Miller depicts a fabulous portrait of Insurgent’s author, characters, theme and symbolism.

The author raises fabulous questions about the characters motives and alternate actions. She invites the reader to ponder more on solutions for all involved in the conflict and destruction of Chicago’s futuristic world. It is a world where society is controlled by different serums except the Abnegation who do not depend on drugs. Miller artfully points out the several controlling substances like truth serum, death serum, simulation serum and fear serum.

Miller gives several perceptions that are quite helpful. Each chapter contains an insightful analysis that invites the reader to discussion. As well, the character guide helps decipher each person’s role, disposition or serum group they uphold. For further study of Insurgent, Miller goes in-depth with the two main characters Tris and Tobias.

I am reluctant to talk more about the sidekick for fear of spoiling the essence of the book. There are many profound analogies that paint a wonderful picture of Insurgent in detail. In my view, Miller is a sensational sidekick author who accurately captures the deeper meaning of the personality traits, plot and symbolism of Insurgent in a direct manner. Her sidekick will definitely heighten your experience of the novel. A must read.

Book Description

Publication Date: February 8, 2015

Can’t get enough of Veronica Roth’s Insurgent? Immerse yourself in her world and discover hidden treasures with this Sidekick.

Warning: This is an independent companion to Insurgent, meant to enhance your experience of the novel. If you have not yet bought Veronica Roth’s novel, make sure to purchase it before buying this unofficial Sidekick.

Insurgent picks up where Divergent left off: Abnegation and Dauntless are both shattered factions, torn apart by the Erudite attack. Haunted by guilt and grief, Tris must seek out new allies and try to find the truth as the city moves toward all-out war.

Roth’s series has sold over ten million copies. A film version of Insurgent will be released in March 2015.

With this Sidekick, you’ll:

  • Spend some more time with the characters you’ve come to know and love
  • Learn what you might have missed on your first read of Roth’s novel
  • Uncover some of the novel’s hidden gems and underlying themes
  • Explore possible alternate endings and imagine ideas for a prequel
  • Get a chance to discuss Insurgent with other savvy readers on our Goodreads forum

Sidekicks are entertaining and insightful reading companions, filled with delightful commentary and thought-provoking questions. Readers have raved that they “really put you in touch with the many layers of the novel,” “keep you entertained even longer,” and are “perfect if you want a vivid understanding of the story.” Designed to be read side by side with the novels they complement, they’ll give you even more reasons to love some of today’s best books.

Where to Buy
Insurgent (Divergent Trilogy, Book 2): by Veronica Roth — Sidekick


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