Poetry, February and Gougère

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1   I was reminded by talking of childhood reading yesterday of my first poetry book, ‘For Your Delight’ which I read cover to cover over and over again as a ten year old. These poems really did delight me. I made up tunes to sing them all to!

For Your Delight For Your Delight

2   Here is one that is appropriate for now. When we were driving home the other day I noticed lots of catkins blowing.


Today I saw the catkins blow
Altho’ the winds are white with snow;

While throstles sang, “The sun is good”
They waved their banners in the wood.

They come to greet the lurking Spring
As messengers from Winter’s King.

And thus they wave while Winter reigns,
While his cold grip still holds the plains.

Oh, tho’ the hills are white with snow,
Today I saw the catkins blow!

by Dorothy Una Ratcliffe


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