Magical Places by Nikki Loftin

So inspirational and uplifting!

Nerdy Book Club

Sometimes it’s people who stay with you forever. And sometimes it’s places.

When I was a girl, I spent many summers running wild in the Texas hill country. My parents were building a ramshackle house from scratch and junk timber at the top of a hill, and my older sister and I were free to explore and play, as long as we didn’t bother our parents or get into trouble.

We didn’t pester our parents… but trouble? Oh, we found plenty of that, in the form of coiled-up rattlesnakes, cactus spines, poison ivy, and occasionally other kids whose parents also let them run wild, with pellet rifles and bb guns in hand.

We found magic as well, or at least I did. I spent countless hours standing on the crumbling limestone cliffs on the sides of my valley, singing into the constant wind, watching the trees sway and move below…

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