Organic Gardening by Geoff Hamilton – review

organic gardeningMy Review

Informative, Helpful & a Favorite

I have been an organic gardener for about 40 years. I must say that this is one of the best organic gardening books on the market. It is perfect for both the novice and master gardener.

Out of all the reference books I own, this one remains my favorite, especially when I need information on a plant I am unfamiliar with.

This is an all-inclusive reference book that gives you  tips on growing a wide variety of plants, saving seed and the use of natural pesticides for pests and diseases.

Although it does not contain thorough information on every topic of organic gardening, it does have a little more than basic information that is quite helpful. The fabulous pictures are also a great guide to plant identification.

Editorial Reviews

Fully revised and updated to reflect Eco friendly thinking and techniques, Organic Gardening is a classic guide to growing flowers, fruit, and vegetables the natural, chemical-free way. Whether you want to grow better-tasting fruit and vegetables untainted by chemicals, find natural methods of pest and weed control, or create a garden that is safer for your children, pets, and wildlife, Organic Gardening is your practical, easy-to-follow guide to gardening with, rather than against, nature.

About the Author

Geoff Hamilton, renowned for his common sense and practical approach to gardening, is the author of many books and former host of Gardener’s World on the BBC for 17 years.

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Organic Gardening by Geoff Hamilton


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