The Dinner That Cooked Itself by J.C. Hysu and Kenard Pak

What a lovely book!

The Picture Book Review

Everything about The Dinner That Cooked Itself  is delicious!  The story, the spellbinding illustrations, and its sweetly surprising ending are elegant and magical.

The Dinner That Cooked Itself whisks you off to Ancient China and introduces you to concepts such as the five elements, Chinese animal archetypes, and identifying written Chinese characters.  Illustrated in predominantly browns, greens, and black tones with blue hues reserved for a magnificently magical character — this is the story of Tuan’s search for a wife.

Raised by his neighbors, Tuan is a good and hard-working man of a modest income and lifestyle.  As he now lives on his own, he is lonely and would like a wife.  The matchmaker is unsuccessful in finding a woman who is of the same element or animal archetype or possessing approving parents.  Tuan continues to work and goes about his life.  Yet, one night as he is heading home, he comes upon a…

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