Children’s Books & Happy Memories

Great selection of children’s books!

Spilling Ink

Books and Memories... Books and Memories…

The Guardian‘s fantastic article Children’s Books Are Never Just For Children makes some great points about children’s literature and the value society places on it. As a creator and advocate of children’s literature, I devoured the article and followed it with some serious soul-searching.

Aside from the fact that kidlit is HOT right now–accounting for one in four books sold in the UK in 2014–this zone of the literary landscape is exhilarating. Welcome to the quest to create outstanding children’s literature, where mere word-smithery won’t do. Art is the aim.

Kidlit is High Quality

Phillip Pullman, author of The Amber Spyglass, turns the perfect phrase to describe the language of enduring children’s Amber Spyglassliterature: “Perfect lightness and grace.” Kids’ books are designed to be reread, which means that every word is refined, polished, and arranged to perfection. Not a comma is wasted. Neil Gaiman told

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