I am an avid writer and reader.  I have spent the last 5 years as a freelance writer via online. However, I have always had a strong passion for writing that started back in my teens. In those days i would wake up from a deep sleep and have the immediate urge to write. Sometime I would wake up 3 times in one night.

In my twenties, I ventured out and found new discoveries. My writing lay on the back-burner for a long time. However, the lust to write always beckoned me. I would occasionally take writing classes or get a certificate of sorts that involved writing or literature. I have never been much for journals yet I usually found the time to write a story or two on occasion. These stories got placed in a pile somewhere and lost in the riff rafts of daily life.

Nonetheless, there are thousands of stories, tales and articles in my head that demand pen in hand. I have over 5 websites for writing articles, this one being my newest. I also have numerous clients that I write for.

Well, I am off on a small adventure and will return later to finish my bio/about page. With camera and a plot at bay, I am ready.

Thanks for stopping by!



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