5 dAY Liver and Kidney dETOX

Book Cover 2bThis is M.E. Cheshier’s first eBook (ePub). It is about taking charge of your health by detoxing the liver and kidneys. As the book explains, we live in a time of extreme toxic exposure both in our food and environment. Therefore for optimum health, it is imperative that we detox our liver and kidneys so toxins are removed from the body.

The 5 day cleanse has informative, easy and inspiring guidelines to help both the experience health advocate and novice. In addition, there are suggestions for a pre-detox so the body is not overtaxed with toxins when you begin the cleanse.

What is more, there is a test that you can take to see how toxic your body really is. The simple test can determine how many toxins have built up in your body through the months or years. Continue reading

Nourishing Traditions – by Sally Fallon and Mary G Enig

Nourishing TraditionsI was first introduced to this book by an article online. I was researching the health benefits of the traditional Russian beverage beet root Kvass.

Low and behold, Beth Stedman’s site inspired me to try the recipe and purchase the book. Her journey in finding health cures and remedies for ailments is similar to mine.

Her husband is fighting stage four of melanoma. I have no doubt that Beth’s steadfast and tenacity of finding a cure will be very successful.

One thing for sure, Beth’s honesty is heartfelt. I love her quote “I am a believer, who often calls for grace.” And like Beth, I find Nourishing Traditions a great inspiration whether you are a novice or expert on nutrition.

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