Understanding Manifestation: Create A Vision And Hold On Tight by Jason Criddle – review

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I want a million dollars!
How many times have you said this? I used to say it too… louder and with more power than the last. Until I came to the realization that we do not attract what we want. We attract what we are.
Giving comes with receiving, and receiving with giving.
We often ask, “How can I attain that which I desire most?”
The simplest answer will come to you once you ask yourself, “How can I offer what I already have, to a large number of people? How can I enrich other’s lives? How can I add value to other’s lives?”
A man will not become rich, until he enriches others. What you have to offer the world is your vehicle to reach your ultimate dreams. Your will, is the fuel that provides energy to the vehicle.
A change in mindset and emotional state is an absolute must. If you can imagine it, you can obtain it. You just have to let go of your expectations of how to acquire it. It will come. Just hold on tight.

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