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Is a phenomenal book and a must read, especially if you have young girls who you’d like to set an extraordinary example of what they could do and become, if they only wanted it enough. Paulette Motzko

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Best Read Aloud Moments #WRAD-2015

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Spilling Ink

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Wednesday the 4th of March, 2015 is World Read Aloud Day, an event launched by LitWorld to raise awareness of the importance of literacy in the fight against poverty and inequality. Celebrated by over one million readers worldwide, this is an event to get behind.

Spilling Ink is doing just that by blogging along on the topic of reading aloud–and all things related. Today, I’m sharing my favourite read-aloud book and my family’s best read-aloud moment.

My Favourite Book to Read Aloud

My read-aloud book pile is tall indeed, but the perennial favourite from my childhood and my daughters’ was Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. It’s been a l-o-n-g while since any of my girls asked for a story (or fit on my lap for that matter), but I can still recite from memory the story of Max in his wolf suit.

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Best Book on How to Become a Writer

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Maybe someone should write that down...

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Lots of folks are out there selling the latest and greatest (usually written by them) books on How to Become a Great Writer. 

Personally, I have nothing against promoting your own work. In today’s cyber-spaced-out-twitterpedia market, it’s just what is demanded of authors. But before all this instant gratification culture hit us, there were writers who took it slow. Who did the deed deeply and with precision. These are the ones to follow and sit quietly studying if you truly want a shot at stardom.

Of course, that’s just Mom’s opinion 🙂. And we all know how Moms are in general when it comes to having a thought about something–right. Just blatantly, unarguably, right.

If you are interested in peering in over the shoulder of many great writers, take a look at Francine Prose’s book “Reading Like a Writer.” My review of this “rocked my…

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Best Books to Read for Writing

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Life Is Fiction


Which books will teach you valuable lessons about writing?  Which will help you improve?  Which will make your next piece of work even better than the last?

The short answer?  All of them. 

All reading will help your writing, so read greedily and read often.  Many people say you should only read the best writing to become the best writer, but I think that if you recognize bad writing where you find it, and understand why it might be bad, you can learn just as much from it as you would from a masterpiece.  That being said, who wants to read a bad book?

If you’re looking for some winter reading, here are a few of my top picks (in no particular order):


Read-The-Silence-of-the-Lambs-online-freeThe Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris

  • Synopsis: There’s a killer on the loose who knows that beauty is only skin deep, and a trainee…

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Nail Your Novel by Roz Morris

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indie e-book review

nailOn my journey to becoming a professional writer I read many books on the subject of creative writing. Many of them focused on one aspect of writing such as characterisation, settings, dialogue, structure etc. So, although I am now writing full time I was drawn to this book to see how it compared with the others in my rather large library.

Well, to begin with, I have to say this book was completely different to any other I had previously read. Roz, who is a professional writer and ghost writer, warns the reader at the outset that Nail Your Novel is not a book about the details of plot, character, and other aspects of writing, But that it is a complete project plan for writing a novel. She has developed a method to tackle writing a novel from initial inspiration to final polish. In the process of doing this she…

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